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  • Lisa, I attended a cut flower session and planted a cut-flower garden this summer after I met you at the Walsingham Flower and Garden Show. I was thrilled with the flowers and am still cutting in November! My flowers all grew thanks to your techniques and great seeds (I used a seeds collection that included zinnias). I planted my garden patch where I couldn’t see it, just like you said, and cut every Saturday. It was so rewarding to have fresh flowers out of my own yard and I DID IT (thanks to you)! I also bought the garden hoe and found it SO much easier to weed my vegetable gardens. I love the items I bought from you at the show and at your class. I’ll definitely be back! Thanks, -Polly, Williamsburg
  • My wife and I met you at the Virginia State Arboretum show last spring and got a soil blocking kit that worked wonders. We have had more veggies and flowers than ever before. Thanks for the updates via email we read them every month. Your products and tips have reminded us how rewarding gardening can be. -Jim, Winchester, VA
  • After 2 full days of hard rain, the larkspur and campanula are still straight up, thanks to the netting idea and information you gave me. I plan to try the same thing this summer for the marigolds, zinnias, and cosmos. -Mary, Richmond, VA
  • Really enjoying the “narcissi” from you. What a show! -Jennifer, White Stone, VA
  • I wanted to thank you for being so willing to share your knowledge! My sweet peas are out of this world! -Ford, Newport News, VA
  • The products in the catalog are all quality items. The garden hoe is amazing. The long handle makes it easy on the back. It is small and light but does the job of a much larger hoe. -Jerry, Gloucester, VA
  • My very favorite purchase was about a year ago. I purchased the border spade and border fork. I was at one of Lisa’s classes and she demonstrated how easy they were to use. I didn’t think I needed such quality tools for what I do but took the plunge and bought them anyway. I absolutely love them! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Next, I plan to purchase the razor hoe. Thanks Lisa! -Helen, Newport News, VA
  • I am so glad I bought the garden hoe – I just love it! It has saved me hours of back-aching labor, and it goes so fast the angst I usually feel before starting a big weeding job is gone. It’s amazing! -Ellen, Chesapeake, VA
  • Even though we never physically work together, I feel like we are on the same team. In July my husband and I went to Nicaragua where I was able to plant coffee plants on a plantation which will eventually sell organic, fair trade coffee. I wore the work gloves I purchased from your business. As I planted, I thought of you planting next to me. -Pam, Newport News, VA
  • I have the best herb garden ever due to soil blocking…and I’ve got tiny beans, tiny squash, tiny cukes, tiny peppers, tiny tomatoes, and all the lettuce and strawberries we could eat this past month. The grow lamp and heat mat have been working non-stop. -Susan, Newport News, VA
  • Lisa Ziegler is a gifted speaker who presents entertaining and informative programs with practical knowledge. –Janna Leepson, The Upperville Garden Club, Middleburg, VA.
  • Lisa Ziegler is a speaker not to be missed! I felt as though she gave me a huge feeling of “I can do this in my garden.” –Lee Snyder, Harborfront Garden Club, Norfolk, VA.
  • Lisa Ziegler is a dynamic, knowledgeable presenter who will inspire your group. Members were left wanting to hear more. –Donna Pultz, Peninsula Council of Garden Clubs, Newport News, VA.
  • Lisa Ziegler delights every workshop with her energy and passion for gardening and we now refer to her as our “Gardening Rock Star.” –Master Gardener, Smithfield, VA.
  • Lisa Ziegler gave one of the best programs we have had because members felt like “I can do this.” –Marlene Nappi, Ford’s Colony Garden Club, Williamsburg, VA.
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