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Cut-Flower Seed Fundraiser

The Cut-Flower Seed Fundraiser:

1. What is the Cut-Flower Seed Fundraiser? Your group can sell some of our best-selling seeds and supplies and earn 40%. This is a simple fundraiser for your group. Just think Girl Scout Cookies with seeds!

2. Who qualifies? The Cut-Flower Seed Fundraiser is for organized groups such as: garden clubs, master gardeners, horticultural groups, Botanical Gardens, schools, and churches. We reserve the right to refuse any group that is not in keeping with the spirit of our program.

3. How it works: We provide a beautiful brochure with color photos and descriptions of the available items and order forms. Your group collects orders and compiles and submits with payment to The Gardener’s Workshop. We ship the seeds to your group for you to distribute.

4. How do the earned funds get paid? The rebate check is issued 21 days after the order has been processed. A $14.95 shipping fee is deducted from the rebate check to cover shipping costs of items ordered.

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More on how it works:

• The fundraiser runs from January 1, 2013 to June 1, 2013.
• Only the seeds and items in the Sales Brochure are available for the fundraiser.
• We provide the necessary brochures and order forms.
• Each group member receives a sales packet that includes the Sales Brochure, Fundraiser Order Form that has lines for 32 customer orders, and a Member Order Form. The customer fills in name and phone; checks off the items and totals order. Virginia groups are required to collect Virginia sales tax.
• At the end of your group’s fundraiser the member tallies her orders and fills in the Member Order Form and submits it to your group’s chairperson with the payment.
• The group chairperson tallies the Member Order Forms and completes the Group Order Form and submits it and the full amount to The Gardener’s Workshop with payment by check. No cash please.
• We submit the collected sales tax for Virginia groups.
• The group order is shipped to the group chairperson.
• The chairperson uses the Member Order Forms to disturb the items ordered to each member.
• The member uses their Fundraiser Order Form to package individual orders.
• We provide bags and growing tips for each individual order.
• Group orders are processed in the order received and are normally shipped within 14 days of processing. All orders must be received by June 1, 2013.
• The rebate check is issued 21 days after the order has been processed. A $14.95 shipping fee is deducted from the rebate check to cover shipping costs of items ordered.

Tips for success:

1. Set a start and end date for your fundraiser and the date the Group Order Form will be submitted. One month of selling is suggested.

2. Give instructions to members on how customer checks are to be made out. Some groups choose to have customers make out to the member and the member submits one check for her orders. Other groups have customers make out to the club.

3. Printing a label or having members write on the sales packet; date to turn in orders, expected delivery date and who customers make checks payable to helps to avoids confusion.

4. To calculate expected delivery date, count 21 days from the time you will mail your group order to The Gardener’s Workshop. This allows time for the Group Order Form to travel to us, to be processed and then filled and items shipped to you.

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