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Garden Share Program/Bouquet Subscription Program

The perfect gift for your loved one or for yourself…a season of flowers from our cut-flower farm!


Garden Share Program

Join the fun! If you’d enjoy coming to the farm to pick-up flowers then you should become a Garden Share member.

The Facts:
• Share purchase price is $100 each
• Each share valued for $100 worth of flowers
• Shares purchased in the off season receive bonus dollars
• Spend like a flower gift card
• Pick-up from the farm (Garden Share Members Only)

• Wednesdays 1pm to 3pm and Fridays 9am to 12noon
• Flowers sold by the stem and bouquets
• Harvested, conditioned and ready in buckets
• The normal season is May through September
To purchase a Garden Share click here or call 757-877-7159


Bouquet Drop-Off Subscription

This program will start or end your week with a blooming smile! This is a weekly drop-off service in designated areas of Newport New and Virginia Beach.

The Facts:
• Home or office bouquet delivery
• Available in 5, 10 or 20 weeks subscriptions ($120, $230, $430)
• We drop a bouquet into your bucket or vase each week
• Monday and Friday delivery to Newport News zip codes 23606, 23602 & 23608
New! Friday delivery to Virginia Beach zip codes 23454 & 23451
• The normal season is May through September
• Limited delivery areas
To purchase a Subscription, click here or call 757-877-7159

Please contact us with any questions. We’d love to have you join our group of flower lovers!

Member since 2001.

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