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Customer Testimonials

What our flower customers have to say:

  • I really enjoyed my first year of the garden share program. It’s so nice pick up fresh flowers! You have wonderful customer service and a great product. Thanks so much! –Susie, Newport News
  • Zinnias are my favorite summer flowers and your colors and varieties are always special. I love going to the midtown Farmers Market or your home and seeing the buckets full of color. I love putting together my own bouquets. It is also a joy to see Lisa and Suzanne and chat with them while picking my flowers. –Carter, Newport News
  • Lisa, I can say that when I’ve used your flowers for special occasions, bridal luncheons, etc., they have always been special—and so different from” store bought” flowers! –Hazel, Newport News, VA
  • Not only do I get beautiful, freshly cut stems of flowers at Lisa’s garden, but she is always sharing her expert gardening advice with me. I grew the most amazing Gardener’s Workshop sunflowers this summer from seed and have already purchased seed packets for my friends for Christmas gifts. –Jamie, Newport News, VA
  • Lisa’s flowers are quite simply the best! Fresh, conditioned, lovingly grown, great assortment, generous bunches and perfectly beautiful! –Judy, Newport News, VA
  • I first met Lisa at her booth at the Farmer’s Market in Williamsburg, VA. Her flowers were always striking in color, freshness and originality. –Hope, Williamsburg, VA
  • Lisa’s flowers are fresh and beautiful! I use them for special occasions and for my own enjoyment and delight. –Judy, Newport News, VA
  • It is impossible to compare Lisa’s flowers to any flowers you have ever purchased; they simply have an extraordinary long vase-life. –Maureen, Newport News, VA
  • I pick up beautiful flowers for our entire office to enjoy, we love them! –Sheila, Yorktown, VA
  • Lisa’s flowers are one of the best things I do for myself! The blooms are gorgeous, and stay fresh at least a week! –Lyn, Newport News, VA
  • I can’t remember when I have stumbled upon anything more delightful than Lisa’s flowers. They are aromatic, vibrant and guaranteed to make you feel happy! –Sharon, Newport News, VA
  • I drive 30 minutes to get to Lisa and love to share the beauty of her work. I love dropping off the little treasure bouquets along my way home to friends and family. –Nancy, Williamsburg, VA

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