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Group Programs Topics

Petersburg Garden Club, “Spring Fling” 2012

•           Cool Flowers book signings fall 2014   New 2014!

Lisa’s book Cool Flowers will be out Sept. 1, 2014 with St. Lynn’s Press. Lisa tells all about how to grow hardy annuals in this beautiful book. She shares from her years of firsthand experiences growing flowers such as Snapdragons, Sweet Peas, Bells of Ireland and so many others. Once you learn that it is all about timing, your garden will never be without these beauties again.

•           Restoring Bees: A Cure for the Flowerless Landscape New 2014! 

As we have streamlined our landscapes away from blooming flowers, we have eliminated habitat and food sources for bees and other necessary pollinators. Learn how to bring flowers back into your landscape that are easy, beautiful and essential to help save our bees. Organic gardening tips included.

•           Home Gardener to Flower Farmer    New 2014!

Lisa shares her interesting journey from a backyard gardener to successful cut-flower farmer. Her story includes meeting the man of her dreams that happens to comes with the land and the necessary garden equipment! This is a motivational story that inspires others to pursue their dreams.

•           A Flower Farm Season

This program is full of beautiful slides, ideas, and tips on making the most of fresh-cut flowers. Lisa takes you through a season on her flower farm sharing her harvesting and conditioning tips that delight and inspire even seasoned arrangers!

•           Downstream

Lisa shares the organic and sustainable steps she follows on her cut-flower farm to produce thousands of stems of flowers each week on just one and half acres of garden. These steps are simple and easy to follow. Learn how everything you do in your garden affects something else downstream.

•           Grow Great Spring Flowers!  

Learn the varieties of hardy annuals to plant in the fall and early spring to be the very first bloomers come spring. This garden includes the favorites of spring: Snapdragons, Sweet William, Sweet Peas and more! This program includes a seed-starting demonstration with soil blocking. (This is the perfect garden for GCV’s Historic Garden Week!)

•           Growing Your Own Summer Bouquets   

Learn how having a small designated flower bed (3’ x 10’) as a cutting garden is the first step to a season full of gorgeous cut flowers! Following Lisa’s recommendations for easy soil preparations, variety selections, organic methods, and harvesting practices will have your garden producing a bounty of flowers to fill your home and enough to share with friends. (#1 requested program)

•           Easy Seed Starting- In the Garden and Indoors

This program reveals the simple and easy steps to seed starting. Learn to plant seeds directly in the garden and how to start seeds indoors. Starting seeds is essential for those who want to grow cut flowers, because “cut-flower” variety plants are not available on the open retail market; you must start your own. This program includes a demonstration of the seed-starting method known as “soil blocking.”


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