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Lisa's story

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Lisa Mason Ziegler is a cut-flower grower, author, and nationally recognized speaker on cut-flower gardening. Lisa tells it all when it comes to gardening and cut flowers. Her sustainable and organic gardening experiences have been gathered from everyday life on her cut-flower farm nestled in the heart of the city of Newport News, Virginia.

Lisa has been farming since 1998; her one and half acre working cutting gardens produces over 10,000 stems of flowers each week in season. She sells her flowers to florist, Colonial Williamsburg, supermarkets, bouquet drop-off subscriptions and through her farm pick-up Garden Share program.

Groups throughout the mid-Atlantic region and beyond have enjoyed Lisa’s motivational gardening talks; they are geared toward the beginner and the seasoned gardener alike. Her practical approach restores hope and makes gardening fun and successful.

In 2005 Lisa launched The Gardener’s Workshop an online garden shop. Lisa has  developed her own line of  books, DVDs, seeds, gardening and flower arranging tools and supplies she uses in her own gardens and cut flower operation.

Lisa’s program and pop-up shops incorporate her simple methods of gardening that inspire and delight.

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