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Program Testimonials

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  • What are attendees of the 2014 Virginia Horticultural Foundation’s Home Gardener Day saying about Lisa’s program on organic gardening?
    Very refreshing approach to gardening                                                                                                                                    Excellent speaker – I could have listened to her all day – educational and entertaining
    Great subject & presentation
    –the best presenters were Lisa Ziegler & Carol Heiser
    Excellent! (6) Best Speaker! Fantastic information
    Avid enthusiasm
    Reggie and Lisa were great speakers – practical things to apply
    She was excellent – very relevant
    have heard Lisa several times – this was great for natural emphasis
    a 10 out of 5!!
    Good info and focus
    Excellent infoLisa received the highest score from 135 of the 149 attendees!
  • Lisa came to speak to our garden Club in November of 2013.  She was, hands down, the best speaker we have had in the 10 years I have been a member.  She was knowledgeable on her subject in an ‘everyman ‘ way.  She spoke to us one gardener to another, not in a professorial manner.  Her visual aids were perfect and perfectly timed to her presentation.  Her enthusiasm is infectious as is her ‘can-do’ attitude .  It made me want to go out and get in the dirt right then and there.  I give presentations for a living  and Lisa’s is one of the best I have ever seen.  I could have listened to her for hours. Tricia Goins, Garden Club of Fairfax.
  • Lisa spoke to our garden club about how to extend the flower gardening season with fall and early spring plantings of hardy annuals. Her knowledge of basic organic gardening techniques and tips on making gardening more rewarding with less work were wonderful and inspiring. She has the ability to make complicated things simple and so understandable. She was easily able to adjust her information for our Zone 5 and our shorter growing season here in the mountains of Western Maryland. I have never gotten so many compliments on a speaker. Her Pop-Up Shop was a true success and was such a great addition and complement to her presentation. I would highly recommend Lisa as a speaker. Linda Harris, Oakland, MD.
  • Thank you so much for the fantastic program. One member remarked that you could have heard a pin drop in the room during your presentation because everyone was so engrossed in the con tenet and your wonderful delivery. Thanks to you and Suzanne for the Pop-up Shop–what a treat for our members! The Mountain Laurel Garden Club, Oakland, MD.
  • Your recipe for a bouquet garden is the best. It provides smiles across the miles—bouquets were delivered to many mothers at work, home, and assisted living. Others were dropped at front doors, back doors and onto dining tables for our family. Thank you! Mary Bruce Glaize, The Little Garden Club of Winchester, Winchester, VA.
  • Excellent! Of the 200 attending our 2012 Seminar and Gala, 97% rated Lisa’s program as excellent! Interesting, amusing, and full of new information for experienced Master Gardeners.     Nancy Reaves, Guilford County Master Gardeners, NC.
  • Lisa is an engaging speaker and full of information that I have not heard any where else. She has practical experience and it shows that she lives and loves the work she does. Her seed starting class is THE best class! Take it if you can!“I learned so much!” Lauren, Lynchburg, VA.
  • …engaging and full of knowledge, very informative and helpful, well organized presentation with good slides, handouts, and visual aids, fantastic speaker!!, full of practical information, interesting, understandable and fun, a very motivating speaker! Some of the comments from Maryland Master Gardeners.
  • Fun and interesting gardening speaker! I heard Lisa speak a couple of years ago at my mother’s garden club and really enjoyed her presentation! If you have the opportunity to hear Lisa, do it! Lisa Richmond, VA
  •  “Wonderful program”; “Terrific program”; “Thank you for a great program”; “Compost, compost, compost”. This is what members of the Colonial Heritage Garden Club of Williamsburg, VA are saying!
  • “…our best program”; “…members look forward to touring your garden during Historic Garden Week 2013”; “…we would have stayed all day. Next time we will plan lunch!” Comments from members of the Westham Garden Club, Richmond, VA.
  • “So enthusiastic and motivated us, Lisa inspires others. Thank you for a talk that prompts action!” Guilford County Gardening Gala and Seminar 2012, Martha, Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • Lisa, I attended a cut flower session and planted a cut-flower garden this summer after I met you at the Walsingham flower and garden show. I was thrilled with the flowers and am still cutting in November! My flowers all grew thanks to your techniques and great seeds (I used a seed collection that included zinnias). I planted my garden patch where I couldn’t see it, just like you said, and cut every Saturday. It was so rewarding to have fresh flowers out of my own yard and I DID IT (thanks to you)! I also bought the garden hoe and found it SO much easier to weed my vegetable gardens. I love the items I bought from you at the show and at your class. I’ll definitely be back! Thanks, -Polly, Williamsburg
  • Lisa, we drove from Richmond to hear your program on growing cut flowers. We loved your program and garden demo especially showing us how to cut flowers. If fact we liked the program so much that we booked you for our garden club this winter. Hanover Town Garden Club. Thanks, -Darlene, Richmond, VA
  • I LOVED Lisa’s program on seed starting. She is so inspirational. I couldn’t wait to get home and try seed starting myself! -Nicole, Newport News, VA
  • Programs were the BEST; products are also the best, HIGH quality and loved my Zinnias. 6 plants provided me with flowers for my home all summer. -Barbara, Gloucester, VA
  • Lisa, I drive 60 or so miles to attend your programs. You so generously share tons of information. You teach from experience and are willing to share your tips for success. You know what works and what doesn’t. Just the fact that you recommend cultivars and varieties that actually thrive in our area, is priceless in itself. I have been pleased with the quality of all products and materials that I have purchased from The Gardeners Workshop. Best of all, is your newsletter. You provide a wealth of information and “stuff”. I can’t tell you how much I have learned, especially about seeds. There is always more horticultural information on you website. The YouTube clips are great! You are passionate about your profession….a unique quality in today’s times. -Jennifer, White Stone, VA
  • Lisa, I have enjoyed your programs and workshops very much. You always make everything seem easy and enjoyable, within everyone’s abilities. Great tips on gardening and flower care. Love your little two acre Eden, may have the acreage incorrect. I lived on a farm for 60 years and you have done wonders with your small space. You have wonderful workable ideas and your flowers are fantastic. May 2010 be your best year yet. -Betty Ann
  • First, thank you for providing the program. It was such a gift to me. You made gardening accessible and doable! The passion that you and Suzanne shared with me is addicting. I LOVED being in your gardens. I LOVED the workshops. You have inspired me to not only continue working with my front beds, but I also am working on replacing our back “lawn” entirely with garden beds that you can meander around. Gardening also led me to beekeeping! And probably the most ambitious – I’m exploring starting a community garden to benefit the Peninsula Food bank! I have always loved gardening, but it is a commitment and easy to ignore when “life” gets hectic. Thank you for reminding me that being in the garden is EXACTLY where I belong especially when life is hectic! -Eileen, Newport News, VA
  • Lisa is a speaker not to be missed! She visited our garden club last winter and was a hit! Her knowledge is phenomenal and so down-to-earth. I felt as though she gave me a huge feeling of “I can do this in my garden too.” In a short space of time she told us how to prepare a garden for planting. It was so simple! As you will see Lisa is a fun, entertaining, and informative speaker. Enjoy her skills and expertise. -Lee Snyder, Harborfront Garden Club, Norfolk, VA.
  • Lisa Ziegler is a dynamic, knowledgeable presenter who will inspire your group. Lisa has presented programs and fundraisers for the PCGC on growing cut flowers and garden preparation. Her programs were outstanding. Members were left wanting to hear more. “The Gardener’s Workshop” fundraiser was fantastic. Lisa and her sister came prepared to set up with equipment and merchandise. As Lisa did product presentations all morning, her sister operated the sales with a few PCGC volunteers. The cash register kept ringing. We made a great profit for our organization with little effort. -Donna S. Pultz, Co-President, Peninsula Council of Garden Clubs, Hampton Roads, VA.
  • Lisa Ziegler has worked with my Relay For Life Team on Gardener Workshop fundraisers for two years now and really knows how to put the fun in fundraiser. She delights every workshop with her energy and passion for gardening and we now refer to her as our “Gardening Rock Star.” How wonderful that we get to learn great gardening tips, get proven products, and support The American Cancer Society all at the same time! -Brenda Joyner, Beacons of Hope Team Captain, Cancer Survivor and Master Gardener
  • Her knowledge about flowers was astounding and her enthusiasm for her chosen work is inspiring. Lisa is a treasure. -Hope, Williamsburg, VA
  • Lisa conducts kind of a “healing service” for brown thumbs. You can feel yourself getting excited about digging in the dirt and start to feel confident about having your own garden. I like that she doesn’t have a lot of rules—other than FEED the SOIL. Even in the dead of winter, Lisa can tell you something you can do to make your garden better in the spring. -Hazel, Newport News, VA
  • I have enjoyed Lisa’s workshops and lectures immensely. Her knowledge and ability to convey information is superb and I look forward to my next venture with the Gardener’s Workshop. (Did I mention that her cut flowers are stunning)? -Gwen, Newport News, VA
  • My husband Stephen and I attended your lecture on growing a cut-flower garden. The ideas you presented gave us the confidence to grow a garden, to know where to place the garden in our yard, and the reassurance that we could contact you if we needed an answer to a question. We have been looking for a project we could do together, and this is it. Love our straw hats and gardening gloves we purchased from you, too. -Cynthia, Newport News, VA.
  • …just wonderful, very good information! -Mary Ellen, Smithfield, VA
  • Loved this evening’s program, I learned a lot. I will cut my flowers lower. -Margo, Smithfield VA
  • I loved the program! I was out cutting those babies down this morning! -Marci, Williamsburg, VA
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation that you gave our club. I can’t tell you how many accolades I have heard from club members. It was definitely one of the best programs we have had because members felt like “I can do this.” -Marlene, Program Chair , Williamsburg, VA
  • I attended your presentation at the Fred Heutte Center in Norfolk on Wednesday evening and wanted to tell you that you are inspirational to the gardening population….Thank you for your efforts….the whole world benefits! -Lynn, Norfolk, VA.
  • You are an amazingly energetic and knowledgeable young woman with tons of ideas and solutions. -Barbara, Newport News, VA
  • Thank you for sharing ALL of your expertise with us. We are so lucky to have you in our “neighborhood”. -Jamie, Newport News.
  • Thank you, Lisa, for the wonderful presentation on Fall Planting. You are such a valuable resource to the local community! -Gennifer, Newport News, VA.
  • We enjoyed the valuable information provided in the program. We look forward to starting our “Fall Garden” in October — as we become “seed gardeners!” Thanks — -Susie & Bill, Williamsburg, VA.
  • Every time I hear you speak, I learn something new. It’s like a “DUH” moment when something really sinks in. Keep cleaning out those cob webs in my brain, I really need it. -Evelyn, Gloucester, VA
  • Thanks to you and your team, we had a great evening. Learning how to prepare a bed for planting was the key we needed to invigorate our landscaping plans. -Jenny and Carl, Newport News, VA.
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